Pissed Jeans-Why Love Now

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Pissed Jeans have released an album called “Why Love Now”. This album, on Sub Pop records, is 12 tracks long and clocks in at 37min. Pissed Jeans, as uttered or more like ejaculated, on ‘Waiting on My Warning’ certainly kick “life’s big behind.” It’s a bluesy spoken word type intro to the record with minimal instrumentation. But get ready- this picks up speed. For a 4 piece the amount of sludgey, noisey rock and the walls of noise that assault the ears is impressive.The drumming is awesome songs are tightly structured-barely giving you time to breathe in between tracks. Vocals vary in style-drawn out words and consonants and hidden melodies abound, but they are generally snotty. A great amount of punk energy and integrity come across. I get a southern rock vibe from this album (Pissed Jeans are from Allentown PA). Maybe it’s like the dirty swamp murk aura of the songs.Makes me want whisky and a smoke. ‘I’m a Man’ is pretty badass, don’t want to reveal why tho, so check it out asap. My favorite track is ‘It’s Your Knees’. Reminds me of the 90’s rock era and so does ‘Activa’. ‘Worldwide Marine Asset Financial Analyst’ is quite the ripper. “Why Love Now” wraps with ‘Not Even Married’ a song about relationship woes, prob also a favorite of mine. Their singles are ‘Ignorecam’ and ‘The Bar is Low’.

The record cover is a super cute pic of the band with a pink border. Ordering the album gets you, according to their bandcamp,”an exclusive bonus mix that includes an assortment of home recordings from all members of the band, interview clips, found sounds and more.” Go pick it up mofo; bang yr head and rock n roll.


Bardo Pond-Under the Pines

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Bardo Pond have released a new full length album on Fire Records called “Under the Pines”. It has 6 tracks and clocks in at 40min. This album, while remaining essentially Bardo Pond, that is-psychedelic drone-rock, is also quite unique and melodic. A fine listen.

It starts off with ‘Crossover’, their single per se, and this song is very pleasant, with lyrics you can almost sing along to, very structured. Dueling guitars and smashing percussion. ‘Out of Reach’ is meandering and relaxing, with lots of noise, and it picks up speed towards the end which tricks the mind as the vocals remain spacey and slow. ‘My Eyes Out’ wraps up side A with this relatively short track.’Moment to Moment’ has a kind of western twang and takes it time. The flute floats along magically.’Under the Pines’ is absolutely beautiful. It’s my favorite on “Under the Pines”. Very emotive and has a rough edge. ‘Effigy’ wraps up side B and here the flute makes another appearance, this track is instrumental and peaceful in a way that makes me glad a band like Bardo Pond is around in this tumultuous world.

Isobel Sollenberger’s voice on “Under the Pines” is strong throughout, clear, and in harmony with the fantastic and complex instrumental accompaniment. The unity achieved on this record is what makes it so unique, Bardo Pond continue to push boundaries.My advice- please lean back, turn the volume up, open your third eye, and set aside some time to enjoy this groovin’ musical ride. You can order on Bardo Pond bandcamp. The cover art is in shades of blue and has a neat drawing by Clint Takeda. The back has a sepia toned image of a hills in a desert. It was recorded in the Lemur house studio.

Photo Credit to Dan Cohoon at Bardo Pond Photography.


Heavy Temple-Chassit

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Philadelphia doom metal psych-rockers Heavy Temple have  been around since 2013, and have released a new album called ‘Chassit’. It is 4 heavy songs long, and is loosely based around Stephen King’s 8 book series ‘The Dark Tower’. The series incorporates horror, western, and fantasy themes, and a film adaptation is coming out with Idris Elba as the lead character. Cool! The album has fantastic cover art, with bears on a leash and a snake winding around the neck of a cloaked woman. ‘Key and Bone’ starts slowly, building an atmosphere and then busting out with High Priestess Nighthawk’s wicked vocals. After awhile a nice heavy psych guitar sound emerges. ‘Ursa Machina’, or robot bear, has fuzzy guitar and once the drums start the song really comes together. A cool western style interrupts, then the doom takes over. ‘Pink Glass’  punks out with drums and a tight guitar groove. Lyrics= “I dreamt I cut your heart out, I held it in my hand”. Longest jam and my favorite. ‘Chassit’ wraps with ‘In the Court of the Bastard King’, vocals begin straightaway and are powerful, leading into a foot tappin’ jam. Probably the most spacey rock track. These songs are complex and evil, doom metal done right.

The digital album is available at bandcamp for only $6.66 (hmm, the beast’s #). Heavy Temple go on tour in March.

Photo credit to Dan Cohoon


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gnod_1_12_13_1454596729I have been wanting to write a review of Manchester, UK psych drone rockers Gnod for awhile. Gnod have been around for roughly 10 years and describe themselves as a collective with an expanding and shrinking membership, depending (on what, i don’t know). They have released many full length albums, a handful of singles, a bunch of splits, & a live release or 2. White Hills have often collaborated with Gnod, on a split and 2 records ‘Drop Out’ and it’s sequel ‘Gnod Drop Out With White Hills II’.  Gnod is for fans of spaced out psychedelic tribal/rhythmic jams. The release i am reviewing, ‘Mirror’, came out in 2016 and features 4 tracks, varying in length. ‘The Mirror’ has vocals; trippy, spaced out vocals…Gnod’s Paddy Shine says, “Lyrically it deals with mental health issues and how things like social media are a vehicle for our split personalities and egos.” For example, “Too many faces in the mirror, and I cannot decide which one I want to be today.” And how. ‘Learn to Forgive’ winds us up with crafty guitar tension,  doom drums, swearing and declarations, “I’m sick of it”. ‘Sodom & Gomorrah’ is quite long, not an unusual feature for Gnod tracks. Starts out calm with a religious feel, then transitions into tasty noise, then calms itself again, and back to noise and explosive vocals. My favorite. The 4th track is a remix of the first by Andy Blundell AKA Raikes Parade. The vocals echo and fade this time.’Mirror’ is noisy and haunting, and the whole album has a dark, almost violent feel it it. Not a zen type album you hippies.

Gnod have a bandcamp and a comprehensive tumblr page. They are live today on NTS radio and if you miss it i am sure it will be archived soon! Get ready for a new release in March called JUST SAY NO TO THE PSYCHO RIGHT-WING CAPITALIST FASCIST INDUSTRIAL DEATH MACHINE. This will have 5 songs and clock in at 40min, meaning shorter songs, I am interested to hear this!

Roky Erickson and the Aliens-The Evil One

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a4016845721_16As a fan of the psychedelic sounds of 13th floor elevators and the Misfits what could be better than a horror themed rock band fronted by Roky Erickson? Roky Erickson formed the Aliens in the 1970s after being released from a mental institution and ‘The Evil One’ came into fruition.His mind was ripe and he was ready to get his demons out, by literally singing about them. These songs are garage rock and roll with zany themed lyrics based on the track titles, which are not for the weak hearted..for example ‘Bloody Hammer’. My favs are ‘I Think of Demons’, ‘If You Have Ghosts’, and ‘Don’t Shake Me Lucifer’.There is some superb guitar playing, sorry no jug elevators fans :(. He would perform live with a Texas band, the Explosives.  Here is the Deluxe Edition Double Gatefold LP description: Housed in deluxe gatefold “tip-on” jackets with book-deep liner notes by Joe Nick Patoski and includes 20-pg booklet, download card for full album, etching by artist Travis Millard (Side D) plus rare / unseen archive photos and ephemera…for $21! Drool.

In the 1990s several artists performed on a tribute album called Where the Pyamid Meets the Eye, and this is one of my favorites too, it features different versions of Roky Erickson songs  by The Jesus and Mary Chain, ZZ Top, Butthole Surfers, and more. Roky has performed at Coachella and released and album All That May Do My Rhyme on King Coffey from the Butthole Surfers label Trance Syndicate Records.

Gondola-The Floating East EP

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Gondola , the acid rock trio from Philly, has another release called The Floating East EP. Available for digital download on their bandcamp. Although it is short (3 tracks) it sure packs a punch. The title track ‘Floating East’ begins with intense noise and vocals telling us that in the beginning was the beast. Ok. Then the guitar just takes off on it’s own. Doing its own dance. Which, if you can, go and see Gondola live. Not only are their sounds earth shattering but often there are cool visual effects of some kind going on. The vocals are telling us a story, hazily. You are on a psych musica trip out for the next half hour or so. These 3 songs were also recorded when Get Bent, their other full length(which is fantastic),was. It was apparently an issue of space limitations. Well Gondola’s type of psych metal space rock is unique and doom filled- but not in a depressing way.  ‘Pay No Mind’ had more of a song structure with more repetitive vocals and the guitar just soars. the drumming is frenetic, relentless even. This is my favorite, it totally rocks. The last track is shorter and is called ‘Sand’ & asks us what is in our mind. Indeed. While you ponder that go and pick The Floating East Ep up it’s only $4 and def. worth your time.

Dan Cohoon-Photographer

Shit and Shine- Random Updates

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9a5c-e9aa-411a-b51c-8c557db9bd34Shit and Shine are quite prolific artists, with 15 album releases, a bunch of singles, a spit with psych drone rockers Gnod, and a few live show releases, all since 2004. Shit and Shine are going to be releasing 2 more LPs this year, the titles being called ‘Total Shit’ and ‘Some People Really Know How to Live”.  Their musical style varies from record to record but basically, as stated on the intro to the radio show, they are noise rock nutcases. Speaking of the radio show, which broadcasts from Austin, Texas 3-4pm Mondays, some genres you can expect to hear are post-punk, noise, techno, electro, and new wave. Kinda random list. The shows are archived and you can listen here: NTS .Heavy on rhythmic sounds and droning electronics. Check out their bandcamp! at Riot Season Records. Don’t forget to check out the sister cassette label: Swap Meat

I wrote about Shit and Shine in this post.