Shit and Shine-Total Shit!

Shit and Shine have released a new album called “Total Shit!” There are 9 tracks and it clocks in at 39 min. This fast paced, noisy album is sure to please fans of punk, ¬†hard hitting electronix, psychedelic rock, and utter noise bullshit. The album, which you can order at bandcamp, has a unique album […]

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Pissed Jeans-Why Love Now

Pissed Jeans have released an album called “Why Love Now”. This album, on Sub Pop records, is 12 tracks long and clocks in at 37min. Pissed Jeans, as uttered or more like ejaculated, on ‘Waiting on My Warning’ certainly kick “life’s big behind.” It’s a bluesy spoken word type intro to the record with minimal […]

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Bardo Pond-Under the Pines

Bardo Pond have released a new full length album on Fire Records called “Under the Pines”. It has 6 tracks and clocks in at 40min. This album, while remaining essentially Bardo Pond, that is-psychedelic drone-rock, is also quite unique and melodic. A fine listen. It starts off with ‘Crossover’, their single per se, and this […]

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Heavy Temple-Chassit

Philadelphia doom metal psych-rockers Heavy Temple have ¬†been around since 2013, and have released a new album called ‘Chassit’. It is 4 heavy songs long, and is loosely based around Stephen King’s 8 book series ‘The Dark Tower’. The series incorporates horror, western, and fantasy themes, and a film adaptation is coming out with Idris […]

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I have been wanting to write a review of Manchester, UK psych drone rockers Gnod for awhile. Gnod have been around for roughly 10 years and describe themselves as a collective with an expanding and shrinking membership, depending (on what, i don’t know). They have released many full length albums, a handful of singles, a […]

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