Dälek @ Spark Contemporary Art Space


On 10/24/17 Spark Contemporary Art Gallery in Syracuse NY was overtaken by some heavy and awesome music. At the gallery there were two medium sized rooms the crowd moved back and forth between.

Body Without Organs, a local band, started off the night.  Body Without Organs is a 4 piece instrument based metal band on the more doom side, but with the unique feature of having horns and a bassoon! They were very loud but there were quieter moments during the buildup of the tracks. Songs were long but entertaining and quite a few people were banging their heads. They created some cool walls of noise.

Street Sects were up next, they are from Austin, TX, and this was more of a performance art piece with many surprising layers of sound. It was a total assault on the senses. The room was filled with fog and as the music started their were strobe like lights that went on, and stayed on, the whole time. The music was harsh electronics, with rhythmic features and a frontman doing screamo type vocals. Can’t really find a similar reference but trust me it was loud, noisy, eccentric, and an incredible experience. A chainsaw was also involved.

Dälek rounded out the night with their great set. They released Endangered Philosophies on Ipecac Records this year, and I’ve really been diggin it. Dälek have such a genre blending sound. Mainly underground hip hop but with a hint of industrial grit, noise, and occasionally dark ambience. It was badass watching them perform with so much energy, you can tell these guys love what they are doing, very strong and confident. They went from one song to another with the turntable scratching and the beats going and the words flowing. My favorite song they did was Shattered from Asphalt for Eden. Syracuse sure got some Spiritual Healing from Dälek.