White Hills-Stop Mute Defeat


White Hills have come out with another full length 8 track album called “Stop Mute Defeat”. It starts out with ‘Overlord’, and I can immediately tell that “Stop Mute Defeat” is a totally different album than previous White Hills. The vocals are dark, so is the general atomosphere. The beat is dubby and ¬†industrial on this track, with noise elements and samples. It is slower paced and there is no insane riffage or guitar work. It’s easier to understand the vocals with a steady beat “defy the law”, a protest. ‘A Trick of the Mind’ is repetitive and hypnotic, a feature with the tracks on this album. I like Ego Sensation’s vocals. White Hills have the ability to transform your mind with their music and get you in the zone. ‘Importance 101’ is fantastic, like nothing I’ve heard before. Great calming noisy sounds, and a cool delivery of vocals by Dave W. ‘Attack Mode’ has an explosive beginning and nice funky industrial sound, not too hard hitting though, with guitar riffs and more samples. A tribal sound almost. Vocal-“all the answers can be found”. ‘If…1…2’ is another darker themed song, distorted vocals, kinda longer track, punk rock in a way. ‘Sugar Hill’ is mysterious and enticing. Soft spoken vocals, and a slower beat. Makes me want to visit Sugar Hill. ‘Entertainer’ is melodic, and begs the listener to “entertain me”. ‘Stop Mute Defeat’ wraps up the album and is upbeat and robotic, one of my favorites on the album. “Stop Mute Defeat” is a great mix of musical styles; gritty and edgy overall, politically charged, a great new release!

“Stop Mute Defeat” is still psychedelic though, not that deviated from the White Hills I know and love. They continue to push boundaries with their unique brand of psychedelic sounds. White Hills are an amazing live band, total rock stars, so see them if you get a chance.

Photo Credit Dan Cohoon- Amplitude Photography


Petyr- Petyr


Petyr, a four piece group from San Diego, just released a self titled album on Outer Battery Records. They described themselves as “heavy skate/psych rock.” The album is 8 tracks long and clocks in at around 45 min. Starts off with ‘Texas Igloo’ which has a relentless guitar shredding and riffing my mind away. Right off I like this. Heavy percussion, and a sound like the wind blowing in the background. Vocals are crazy, reminds me of the Butthole Surfers in sound, and kinda indecipherable. Definitely heavy psychedelia. Standout track. The next track is a sort of acoustic interlude. ‘Stairway to Attic’ is a quick upbeat ripper. ‘Satori III’ is slower paced at first, and a longer instrumental track that climbs and soars. ‘Old and Creepy’ has more snotty/hard rock style vocals, which i really like, and has some serious speed and noisy elements. Prob my favorite track on the album. ‘Kraft’ has a cool breakdown in the song and so does ‘Three to Five’ which mixes things up. ‘Three to Five’ is less fuzzy and more vocal based at first, then it rocks out for a few minutes. ‘Vambo/Buffalo Stampede’ has a total bluesy vibe and is a great finisher to “Petyr”. I highly recommend this release if you want to scramble your head with some music that’s metal, punk, and psych (and awesome).