Sweat Lodge-Tokens For Hell


a4270529675_16Sweat Lodge, the 4 piece band from Austin TX, have released a new album on Brutal Panda Records called “Tokens For Hell”. This short album packs a heavy metal psych punch. It starts out with the 5min track ‘Life Goes On’ which is a kinda throwback/ Black Sabbathy tribute. Rocks out tho. The vocals are great, emotional, and there is a nice psych rhythm. The guitar wails and strikes at you. I could listen to this over and over, actually that’s what I’ve been doing since “Tokens for Hell” came out. Next is the more relaxed ‘Lost the Sun’. This track has cool noise in the background. Vocals are slower, then pick up speed and this is hard rockin by the end too. ‘Precious and Grace ( ZZ Top Cover)’ is a quick crunchy ripper. Nod your head, “everything’s all right”. Fantastic cover, one you’ll like. ‘Tokens for Hell’ wraps up with the EP title track. This starts off with a groovy beat that I love. The vocals get things moving further. Great finisher to this short but powerful album.

Get it on gold cassette while you can at bandcamp. Your car rides, or stereo or whatever,  will thank you while you rock out this spring.