Casual Nun-Psychometric Testing By…


17498799_1300461383377666_4624492430614074781_nCasual Nun from London have released an album on Box Records called “Psychometric Testing By…” I got into them with their  album “Super Fancy Skeleton” which was released last year but they have been around for awhile. It starts off with ‘Tusk’. Be ready for it: the speed, drumming madness, distorted vocals, and wailing guitar. This ripper is 1 min 33 sec. The rest of the tracks are much longer and takes awhile to sink your teeth into. Next is ‘Everyman’s Folly’ sorta doom metal but noisy as hell and with haunting and echoing vocals. This is noisy, and heavy, psychedelic rock. ‘Truth Machines’ has a repetitive intro, then the guitar creates an atmosphere, it pauses, and there are some whispery vocals. This song reminds me of Loop or Gnod, not too intense of a track. ‘Xiphiod Revolution’ talks about the part on our sternum, the xiphoid, which translates to “swordlike”, good way to describe the music too.  I like this track the best. It’s vocals are punky/spoken word and the beat will get your head bobbing. Walls of crunchy noise that revolve around. ‘Stripes’ ends the album and is fun to listen to. Kind of stretches your ears out, then whips em back into shape. Vocals more for noise element than any decipherable purpose.

A bit on the title, according to the Casual Nun Bandcamp: “Psychometrics are used to gauge and influence in a world where information digestion has moved increasingly towards social messaging. The ability of organisations and entities to use psychometric data to build a psychological profile of a person is an alarming manipulation of our personalities, aptitudes and desires.”  “Psychometric Testing By…” is a fun sonic adventure, that leaves you with something intellectual, and possibly frightening, to ponder.


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