Shit and Shine-Total Shit!


Shit and Shine have released a new album called “Total Shit!” There are 9 tracks and it clocks in at 39 min. This fast paced, noisy album is sure to please fans of punk,  hard hitting electronix, psychedelic rock, and utter noise bullshit. The album, which you can order at bandcamp, has a unique album cover, which consists of a silver poop emoji over a yellow background, attractive! They’ve been around for over 10 years, and I’ve been a fan since i discovered them with the total psychotic rhythmic track ‘Ladybird’. Go check it out. Based in Texas, on their page, it says they have a “Changing lineup ( Craig Clouse is the main dude), frequently with numerous drummers. Style is hard, varied, and post-everything.” Pretty accurate.


Anyway, on to “Total Shit!” Starts out with ‘Hot Shovel’ which is electronically scrambled and joyful. Nice even paced drumming and indecipherable vocals (except for “fuck this”)-a key feature in most tracks by the way. Next one of the longer tracks on the album- ‘Chklt Shk’. Starts off like a jaunty ride, electronic beeps and tight rhythm. Slowly comes in noise I like to call a low frequency wave. ‘Excess, Laziness, Egotism’ seems to fit with the album theme reflecting on the strange and bizarre culture we have in 2017, based around technology and instant gratification. It’s reminiscent of Skinny Puppy, not as hard/ industrial tho. “Anything can change about your life” is one lyric. ‘Long Island City’ brings the good feelings back with a kind of disco/techno beat. ‘Dodge Pot’ is another longer track.”I think every child needs a place to escape to.” Sorta like a slo mo 80’s nightmare.’I Hate This Fucking Machine’ is my favorite track and is complex, more noise rock, also, quite early industrial sounding. The album winds down with 3 shorter tracks. ‘Have to Believe’ a quick noise blurp, ‘Fuck That’, some nice drums and electronic confusion, and ‘Stop Saying Awesome’, which is another ~awesome~ track on the album. Go ahead an listen, you’ll enjoy the scrambled eggs it makes of yr head.


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