The Brian Jonestown Massacre- Don’t Get Lost

auk040lp_packshot-1024x1024The Brian Jonestown Massacre have released a new album called “Don’t Get Lost”. It is 14 tracks long and clocks in at 1hr, 12min. Anton Newcombe is an incredibly talented and prolific musician. There are dozens of full length albums, EPs, singles, etc. If you are unfamiliar with The Brian Jonestown Massacre you should check out Spotify, which has most if not all of their releases. In a documentary about the band, called Dig!, made in the early 90’s, they are described as being “so retro, and so the future”, a very accurate description that holds true to this day.

Give yourself time to delve into “Don’t Get Lost”. The tracks are hypnotic, and soothing. This is a very special record, with a warm sound you can nod yr head too. It’s also groovey, drone-y and, as is their signature style, psychedelic (one track, (sorta techno, sorta jazz) is even called ‘Acid 2 Me Is No Worse Than War’, so there ya go). “Don’t Get Lost”  goes well with a morning cup of coffee, gives you time to gather your thoughts and open up your mind to higher frequencies. However, there is a subtle underlying theme in these tracks. One of independence & resistance, like please just do your own thing and ignore the masses, and keep your heart dedicated to freedom. ‘Charmed I’m Sure’ is a nice whimsical instrumental track. ‘Groove Is In The Heart’ picks up speed and Tess Parks collaborates on vocals. ‘One Slow Breath’ is intense and wakes you up, piano makes a show here, and transitions the listener to the latter half of the album. I really like ‘Throbbing Gristle’, (haha, here i mean the track!), but it totally rocks. Lots of good noise, more vocals by Tess Parks, and it has some industrial features/ robot sounds. ‘Dropping Bombs on the Sun’ is wonderful and dreamy. One track, ‘Geldenes Herz Menz’, or Gold Hearted Men, is instrumental and jazzy. “Don’t Get Lost” wraps with ‘Nothing New to Trash Like You’, one of my favorites on the album, and ‘Ich Bin Klang’ which has sound loops.

According to the website, “”Don’t Get Lost” was fully recorded & produced at Anton’s new Cobra Studio in Berlin.” You can buy the 2 LP album and other releases at Cargo Records. Follow Anton Newcombe on twitter too, he is a real interesting guy. Goes on a few tour dates in the USA in March. I have seen The Brian Jonestown Massacre live, at a show in DC awhile ago, and it was incredible. So much tension & energy and yet such loose limbed performances. Whoever happens to be in the band at the moment, cause it has varied quite a bit over time, these guys are pros and don’t f around.


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