Pissed Jeans-Why Love Now


Pissed Jeans have released an album called “Why Love Now”. This album, on Sub Pop records, is 12 tracks long and clocks in at 37min. Pissed Jeans, as uttered or more like ejaculated, on ‘Waiting on My Warning’ certainly kick “life’s big behind.” It’s a bluesy spoken word type intro to the record with minimal instrumentation. But get ready- this picks up speed. For a 4 piece the amount of sludgey, noisey rock and the walls of noise that assault the ears is impressive.The drumming is awesome songs are tightly structured-barely giving you time to breathe in between tracks. Vocals vary in style-drawn out words and consonants and hidden melodies abound, but they are generally snotty. A great amount of punk energy and integrity come across. I get a southern rock vibe from this album (Pissed Jeans are from Allentown PA). Maybe it’s like the dirty swamp murk aura of the songs.Makes me want whisky and a smoke. ‘I’m a Man’ is pretty badass, don’t want to reveal why tho, so check it out asap. My favorite track is ‘It’s Your Knees’. Reminds me of the 90’s rock era and so does ‘Activa’. ‘Worldwide Marine Asset Financial Analyst’ is quite the ripper. “Why Love Now” wraps with ‘Not Even Married’ a song about relationship woes, prob also a favorite of mine. Their singles are ‘Ignorecam’ and ‘The Bar is Low’.

The record cover is a super cute pic of the band with a pink border. Ordering the album gets you, according to their bandcamp,”an exclusive bonus mix that includes an assortment of home recordings from all members of the band, interview clips, found sounds and more.” Go pick it up mofo; bang yr head and rock n roll.



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