Bardo Pond-Under the Pines


Bardo Pond have released a new full length album on Fire Records called “Under the Pines”. It has 6 tracks and clocks in at 40min. This album, while remaining essentially Bardo Pond, that is-psychedelic drone-rock, is also quite unique and melodic. A fine listen.

It starts off with ‘Crossover’, their single per se, and this song is very pleasant, with lyrics you can almost sing along to, very structured. Dueling guitars and smashing percussion. ‘Out of Reach’ is meandering and relaxing, with lots of noise, and it picks up speed towards the end which tricks the mind as the vocals remain spacey and slow. ‘My Eyes Out’ wraps up side A with this relatively short track.’Moment to Moment’ has a kind of western twang and takes it time. The flute floats along magically.’Under the Pines’ is absolutely beautiful. It’s my favorite on “Under the Pines”. Very emotive and has a rough edge. ‘Effigy’ wraps up side B and here the flute makes another appearance, this track is instrumental and peaceful in a way that makes me glad a band like Bardo Pond is around in this tumultuous world.

Isobel Sollenberger’s voice on “Under the Pines” is strong throughout, clear, and in harmony with the fantastic and complex instrumental accompaniment. The unity achieved on this record is what makes it so unique, Bardo Pond continue to push boundaries.My advice- please lean back, turn the volume up, open your third eye, and set aside some time to enjoy this groovin’ musical ride. You can order on Bardo Pond bandcamp. The cover art is in shades of blue and has a neat drawing by Clint Takeda. The back has a sepia toned image of a hills in a desert. It was recorded in the Lemur house studio.

Photo Credit to Dan Cohoon at Bardo Pond Photography.



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