Heavy Temple-Chassit


Philadelphia doom metal psych-rockers Heavy Temple have  been around since 2013, and have released a new album called ‘Chassit’. It is 4 heavy songs long, and is loosely based around Stephen King’s 8 book series ‘The Dark Tower’. The series incorporates horror, western, and fantasy themes, and a film adaptation is coming out with Idris Elba as the lead character. Cool! The album has fantastic cover art, with bears on a leash and a snake winding around the neck of a cloaked woman. ‘Key and Bone’ starts slowly, building an atmosphere and then busting out with High Priestess Nighthawk’s wicked vocals. After awhile a nice heavy psych guitar sound emerges. ‘Ursa Machina’, or robot bear, has fuzzy guitar and once the drums start the song really comes together. A cool western style interrupts, then the doom takes over. ‘Pink Glass’  punks out with drums and a tight guitar groove. Lyrics= “I dreamt I cut your heart out, I held it in my hand”. Longest jam and my favorite. ‘Chassit’ wraps with ‘In the Court of the Bastard King’, vocals begin straightaway and are powerful, leading into a foot tappin’ jam. Probably the most spacey rock track. These songs are complex and evil, doom metal done right.

The digital album is available at bandcamp for only $6.66 (hmm, the beast’s #). Heavy Temple go on tour in March.

Photo credit to Dan Cohoon


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