gnod_1_12_13_1454596729I have been wanting to write a review of Manchester, UK psych drone rockers Gnod for awhile. Gnod have been around for roughly 10 years and describe themselves as a collective with an expanding and shrinking membership, depending (on what, i don’t know). They have released many full length albums, a handful of singles, a bunch of splits, & a live release or 2. White Hills have often collaborated with Gnod, on a split and 2 records ‘Drop Out’ and it’s sequel ‘Gnod Drop Out With White Hills II’.  Gnod is for fans of spaced out psychedelic tribal/rhythmic jams. The release i am reviewing, ‘Mirror’, came out in 2016 and features 4 tracks, varying in length. ‘The Mirror’ has vocals; trippy, spaced out vocals…Gnod’s Paddy Shine says, “Lyrically it deals with mental health issues and how things like social media are a vehicle for our split personalities and egos.” For example, “Too many faces in the mirror, and I cannot decide which one I want to be today.” And how. ‘Learn to Forgive’ winds us up with crafty guitar tension,  doom drums, swearing and declarations, “I’m sick of it”. ‘Sodom & Gomorrah’ is quite long, not an unusual feature for Gnod tracks. Starts out calm with a religious feel, then transitions into tasty noise, then calms itself again, and back to noise and explosive vocals. My favorite. The 4th track is a remix of the first by Andy Blundell AKA Raikes Parade. The vocals echo and fade this time.’Mirror’ is noisy and haunting, and the whole album has a dark, almost violent feel it it. Not a zen type album you hippies.

Gnod have a bandcamp and a comprehensive tumblr page. They are live today on NTS radio and if you miss it i am sure it will be archived soon! Get ready for a new release in March called JUST SAY NO TO THE PSYCHO RIGHT-WING CAPITALIST FASCIST INDUSTRIAL DEATH MACHINE. This will have 5 songs and clock in at 40min, meaning shorter songs, I am interested to hear this!


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