Roky Erickson and the Aliens-The Evil One

a4016845721_16As a fan of the psychedelic sounds of 13th floor elevators and the Misfits what could be better than a horror themed rock band fronted by Roky Erickson? Roky Erickson formed the Aliens in the 1970s after being released from a mental institution and ‘The Evil One’ came into fruition.His mind was ripe and he was ready to get his demons out, by literally singing about them. These songs are garage rock and roll with zany themed lyrics based on the track titles, which are not for the weak hearted..for example ‘Bloody Hammer’. My favs are ‘I Think of Demons’, ‘If You Have Ghosts’, and ‘Don’t Shake Me Lucifer’.There is some superb guitar playing, sorry no jug elevators fans :(. He would perform live with a Texas band, the Explosives.  Here is the Deluxe Edition Double Gatefold LP description: Housed in deluxe gatefold “tip-on” jackets with book-deep liner notes by Joe Nick Patoski and includes 20-pg booklet, download card for full album, etching by artist Travis Millard (Side D) plus rare / unseen archive photos and ephemera…for $21! Drool.

In the 1990s several artists performed on a tribute album called Where the Pyamid Meets the Eye, and this is one of my favorites too, it features different versions of Roky Erickson songs  by The Jesus and Mary Chain, ZZ Top, Butthole Surfers, and more. Roky has performed at Coachella and released and album All That May Do My Rhyme on King Coffey from the Butthole Surfers label Trance Syndicate Records.


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