Gondola-The Floating East EP


Gondola , the acid rock trio from Philly, has another release called The Floating East EP. Available for digital download on their bandcamp. Although it is short (3 tracks) it sure packs a punch. The title track ‘Floating East’ begins with intense noise and vocals telling us that in the beginning was the beast. Ok. Then the guitar just takes off on it’s own. Doing its own dance. Which, if you can, go and see Gondola live. Not only are their sounds earth shattering but often there are cool visual effects of some kind going on. The vocals are telling us a story, hazily. You are on a psych musica trip out for the next half hour or so. These 3 songs were also recorded when Get Bent, their other full length(which is fantastic),was. It was apparently an issue of space limitations. Well Gondola’s type of psych metal space rock is unique and doom filled- but not in a depressing way.  ‘Pay No Mind’ had more of a song structure with more repetitive vocals and the guitar just soars. the drumming is frenetic, relentless even. This is my favorite, it totally rocks. The last track is shorter and is called ‘Sand’ & asks us what is in our mind. Indeed. While you ponder that go and pick The Floating East Ep up it’s only $4 and def. worth your time.

Dan Cohoon-Photographer


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