Shit and Shine- Random Updates

9a5c-e9aa-411a-b51c-8c557db9bd34Shit and Shine are quite prolific artists, with 15 album releases, a bunch of singles, a spit with psych drone rockers Gnod, and a few live show releases, all since 2004. Shit and Shine are going to be releasing 2 more LPs this year, the titles being called ‘Total Shit’ and ‘Some People Really Know How to Live”.  Their musical style varies from record to record but basically, as stated on the intro to the radio show, they are noise rock nutcases. Speaking of the radio show, which broadcasts from Austin, Texas 3-4pm Mondays, some genres you can expect to hear are post-punk, noise, techno, electro, and new wave. Kinda random list. The shows are archived and you can listen here: NTS .Heavy on rhythmic sounds and droning electronics. Check out their bandcamp! at Riot Season Records. Don’t forget to check out the sister cassette label: Swap Meat

I wrote about Shit and Shine in this post.



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