I have been wanting to write a review of Manchester, UK psych drone rockers Gnod for awhile. Gnod have been around for roughly 10 years and describe themselves as a collective with an expanding and shrinking membership, depending (on what, i don’t know). They have released many full length albums, a handful of singles, a […]

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Gondola-The Floating East EP

Gondola , the acid rock trio from Philly, has another release called The Floating East EP. Available for digital download on their bandcamp. Although it is short (3 tracks) it sure packs a punch. The title track ‘Floating East’ begins with intense noise and vocals telling us that in the beginning was the beast. Ok. Then […]

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Shit and Shine- Random Updates

Shit and Shine are quite prolific artists, with 15 album releases, a bunch of singles, a spit with psych drone rockers Gnod, and a few live show releases, all since 2004. Shit and Shine are going to be releasing 2 more LPs this year, the titles being called ‘Total Shit’ and ‘Some People Really Know How […]

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