Morgan Delt-Self Titled LP


Morgan Delt’s  music has to be some of the freshest sounding psychedelia that I’ve heard. It is flowery, fruitful, and satisfying. Listening to the music is like peeling an orange, there are layers to these tracks… or feeling the ocean spray. Not surprising since  he is based in Los Angeles, CA. Where the sun shines through smog and the waves roll right in and through you. I’ve listened to the self titled album most, although he has recently released a new one called Phase Zero. My favorite songs of Morgan Delt are ‘Black Tuna Gang’, ‘Tropicana’, and ‘Barbarian Kings’. Be prepared to enter a dream soaked  pop world, with psychedelic sounds reminiscent of jangly garage 60’s bands except with delicate spacey vocals. There’s also kinda New Agey imagery, like on ‘Chakra Sharks’ & ‘Mr. Carbon Copy.’  Set aside some time and give this album a spin. You’ll feel refreshed after.


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