Pissed Jeans @ Milkboy


Pissed Jeans performed @ Milkboy 4/26/12

Pissed Jeans ripped through a 35 min set and proved once again just how solid they are as musicians. Milkboy had a narrow space upstairs with a stage. It was like a row home basement. The show was free and supposedly sold out but there was a lot of space open. People were rockin out to the music, didn’t really mosh until the last few songs. They did Boring Girls and I’ve Still Got You (Ice Cream) and Pleasure Race. There was added instrument parts to a few songs. Pissed Jeans played a new song too that was more on the punk side, short and fast with explosive lyrics. Pissed Jeans seemed more sludgey and dark, a little more sarcastic. I had a great time seeing them live is always a lot of fun. I hope they release a new album soon, it seems they have a bunch of new songs in the works. They had a new tshirt for sale with a peace sign (peace’d jeans).


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