Bardo Pond @ Liberty Fest 2012

Bardo Pond, Psychic Ills, Purling Hiss, Creepoid, and Night Beats were the bands I saw on the 3rd night (4/8) of Liberty Fest 2012.  Full line-up here. The festival was put on by Phonographic Arts.

Night Beats from Seattle, WA went on around 8. They are a 3 piece with guitar/vocals, bass and drums. Their music is garage rock and psychedelic in the way the 13th floor elevators are. The songs were upbeat and the lead singer had a cool style while moving around on stage. The art on their album covers is good.

Psychic Ills are a 4 piece from Brooklyn, NYC. I felt like I was hypnotized because their music is repetitive and creates a lot of atmosphere.  There was reverb and not too many other effects. Their music is minimal and not too distorted. They also had a single pink strobe light blinking on the stage. They played some of their older stuff too. I liked the look of the guitar.

Bardo Pond played for more than an hour! They took their time with the songs to let the music develop. They sounded great and very clear. It seemed like a special performance and all the members were strong while performing. The whole place shook, I felt the walls it was so heavy at times. They played Cracker Wrist, Don’t Know About You. On some songs there was a harmonica. At the end they faded out with noise electronics and Isobel using her voice differently, kind of shouting. It was a cool effect.


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