Jandek live @ WFMU.org

Jandek performed live at a radio studio 3/25, and the set was aired on 4/9/12


The wfmu.org Brian Turner show (3-6) started with general songs, then with a few studio tracks from Jandek: Dunes, Telegraph Melts, and Until Then. Around 4:15 Jandek‘s live set began, recorded previously. There were minimal instruments in typical Jandek fashion. A plucked guitar, a faint piano playing chords, and a bongo drum started it off. A female vocalist chimed in singing abstract lyrics. This went on for awhile, varying in intensity from quiet instruments to a lot of clanging. The next song began with violin strings and for percussion some bells. The piano appeared, as did vocals. The voice was soft, sultry, and was more noticed when absent from the song. Sometimes it was bluesy and echoed in my head. The sound quality was great and it didn’t seem live. The next song continued with somewhat rhyming vocals;”pitter patter, doesn’t matter”, strings, and guitar. Jandek sang on the last song, his voice deeper with age but still spoken word style, and random lyrical content. The show returned to general studio tracks after 1hr and is available as an archive. Not sure of any song titles, they seemed improvised but could appear on records.


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