Pissed Jeans @ Milkboy


Pissed Jeans performed @ Milkboy 4/26/12

Pissed Jeans ripped through a 35 min set and proved once again just how solid they are as musicians. Milkboy had a narrow space upstairs with a stage. It was like a row home basement. The show was free and supposedly sold out but there was a lot of space open. People were rockin out to the music, didn’t really mosh until the last few songs. They did Boring Girls and I’ve Still Got You (Ice Cream) and Pleasure Race. There was added instrument parts to a few songs. Pissed Jeans played a new song too that was more on the punk side, short and fast with explosive lyrics. Pissed Jeans seemed more sludgey and dark, a little more sarcastic. I had a great time seeing them live is always a lot of fun. I hope they release a new album soon, it seems they have a bunch of new songs in the works. They had a new tshirt for sale with a peace sign (peace’d jeans).


Kohutek @ The Mansion

mg_2060Kohutek, Bad News Bats, and Bullet Hell performed @ The Mansion on 4/20/2012

Bullet Hell are from Chicago and have 3 members. This quirky band played a bunch of electronics and had a visual system set up. It was pretty crazy music with video game blips and hip hop type beats, synthesizer keyboard and noise/distortion sounds. Each member manipulated a bunch of equipment. There was a trumpet at one point. The visuals were like waves that changed shape  and color and were geometric, grainy, also like old arcade games. I thought I’d lose interest but they were really entertaining to hear and watch. 

Bad News Bats is a 3 piece all girl punk band from Philly. They reminded me of kind of goth or no wave because the music was dark. The vocals were lower and went well with the music. The bass lines were cool, I could hear the guitar melody too so it wasn’t just noise. They were funny and seemed like they really enjoyed playing.

Kohutek featured some instrument additions tonight which made the set a unique experience. There was a guitar, bass, drums, sax, and electronics. The music was improvised and varied in sound and style. At times it sounded traditional psych rock and roll, then the guitar would freak out, the drums would beat faster, and the noise would drop a frequency… Kohutek is a body experience because the music always gets so loud and intense. The sax added a funky jazz element to the sound. They did a few of these experimental psychedelic jams.

Bardo Pond @ Liberty Fest 2012

Bardo Pond, Psychic Ills, Purling Hiss, Creepoid, and Night Beats were the bands I saw on the 3rd night (4/8) of Liberty Fest 2012.  Full line-up here. The festival was put on by Phonographic Arts.

Night Beats from Seattle, WA went on around 8. They are a 3 piece with guitar/vocals, bass and drums. Their music is garage rock and psychedelic in the way the 13th floor elevators are. The songs were upbeat and the lead singer had a cool style while moving around on stage. The art on their album covers is good.

Psychic Ills are a 4 piece from Brooklyn, NYC. I felt like I was hypnotized because their music is repetitive and creates a lot of atmosphere.  There was reverb and not too many other effects. Their music is minimal and not too distorted. They also had a single pink strobe light blinking on the stage. They played some of their older stuff too. I liked the look of the guitar.

Bardo Pond played for more than an hour! They took their time with the songs to let the music develop. They sounded great and very clear. It seemed like a special performance and all the members were strong while performing. The whole place shook, I felt the walls it was so heavy at times. They played Cracker Wrist, Don’t Know About You. On some songs there was a harmonica. At the end they faded out with noise electronics and Isobel using her voice differently, kind of shouting. It was a cool effect.

Jandek live @ WFMU.org

Jandek performed live at a radio studio 3/25, and the set was aired on 4/9/12


The wfmu.org Brian Turner show (3-6) started with general songs, then with a few studio tracks from Jandek: Dunes, Telegraph Melts, and Until Then. Around 4:15 Jandek‘s live set began, recorded previously. There were minimal instruments in typical Jandek fashion. A plucked guitar, a faint piano playing chords, and a bongo drum started it off. A female vocalist chimed in singing abstract lyrics. This went on for awhile, varying in intensity from quiet instruments to a lot of clanging. The next song began with violin strings and for percussion some bells. The piano appeared, as did vocals. The voice was soft, sultry, and was more noticed when absent from the song. Sometimes it was bluesy and echoed in my head. The sound quality was great and it didn’t seem live. The next song continued with somewhat rhyming vocals;”pitter patter, doesn’t matter”, strings, and guitar. Jandek sang on the last song, his voice deeper with age but still spoken word style, and random lyrical content. The show returned to general studio tracks after 1hr and is available as an archive. Not sure of any song titles, they seemed improvised but could appear on records.