Free Jazz Night @ The Rotunda

elliot-levin-06-festElliott Levin posed as band leader for an interesting night of free jazz music featuring Marshall Allen, Denis Beuret, Weasel Walter, and Marc Edwards @ The Rotunda on 3/7/12.

The group set up and began playing around 8:15 to a full crowd. They started right off transforming the silence into a booming orchestrated chaos. At first I wasn’t sure how the unique blend of musicians would work but it flowed nicely. The jazz had a oddly retro circusy/marching band feel at times. They pushed the noise to the extreme with 2 drums too. There was basically 3 long pieces, with barely any time for applause in between songs, for 1hr, then an intermission, then more music. I was only there for the first part though. My favorite piece was wild, noisy, but ended with a nice little melody by the saxophones. Denis Beuret from Switzerland was on the trombone, which was connected by a cord to a laptop that modified its sound. Each individual was able to showcase their strengths. Marshall Allen is a wonderful sax player and quite a suave performer. He also made frequent use of an EWI (electronic wind instrument) a device similar to a soprano sax, creating high tones. The 2 drummers, Weasel Walter and Marc Edwards, played in and out of sync. There was a dialogue, sometimes not.  Weasel Walter is an intense drummer to watch, he used snare a lot, whistles and a bunch of hand held percussion.  Marc Edwards dealt with the lower frequencies with a tom and bass. Elliott Levin played sax, flute, and did some beat boxing. I liked how he played the flute. The stuff he said was hip and funky but I don’t remember the words because it was more part of the sound, especially when the mic had an effect on it. Great show.


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