Gondola: Live from the Westmoreland

Gondola  performed live on 2/18/12 @ the Westmoreland!

Gondola is a great Philly heavy psych band with 3 members. The room was set up sparse, some lights flickering in yellow orange hues, the 3 guys and their instruments, mics amps and a small stuffed wolf. I watched from the online streaming and the sound quality was excellent. This 1 hour set is apparently for sale, which I’m going to to get since I have no tangible Gondola material thus far. They played some familiar tunes with variations, psychic knife, and some new ones. Big time feature were vocals which sounded different, or maybe I could hear them. Gondola mixed up their style a bit, I heard way more heavy metal, a bit punk, mostly heavy psychedelic sounds, some of the vocals threw me off by combining dark lyrics with light accents. I like watching Gondola live because the bassist and guitarist have similar, mellow playing styles- then the drummer stomps and bangs around. One song had a tempo that changed several times on purpose and that was cool. Don’t know how many people were there but during the set 30-40 people were watching the stream- still available to see (click link at top).

fyi edit:went to pick up the set and discovered there was an error in recording