Practicing to Be A Doctor


The song Practicing to Be a Doctor is explored in its many forms.

Strangulated Beatoffs was 2 guys from Missouri that came out with a song in 1990 called Practicing to Be a Doctor and put it on a  7″/ the other side is called heeby jeeby and is actually pretty great. Practicing to Be A Doctor is 4min, with fuzzy guitar real simple bass line and the one lyric of Practicing Hard To Be A Doctor, which is sung by the one dude and sometimes the other dude. There’s a shitty electronic beat playing too.

Crown Roast was a noisy sorta hardcore, not that exciting band from Austin, and their version of Practicing to Be A Doctor is on 1994’s A Nose Has Many Jobs. This one is around 7min and is heavy and sloppy like chewing on a piece of taffy. It takes its time and when you hear the vocals they sound childish and unconvincing. what kind of a doctor will this guy be even? Real drums for the beat this time and they stand out as a significant marker for the future of this song. For some reason the ending where they slow down is 2 weirdly drawn out minutes.

Shit and Shine decided to cover this song too on Jealous of Shit and Shine (this was probably Craig Clouse’s idea (he was in Crown Roast)) but in doing so changed things up a bit. For starters it’s 30min long. and the drums are an elemental, inescapable feature. vocals are the mainly the same, a little more deadpan and ghostly, and there is additional dialogue too during what i’d call the intermission. Little electronic blips and industrial sounds come and go, like i swear i hear chainsaw, a construction site midday, but it could be the guitar. whistles and noises spice up the fact that this song is still playing. this song is like eating a satisfying sandwich. i could trust these guys in their medical practice.



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