Pissed Jeans @ Johnny Brenda’s


Pissed Jeans, Blues Control, and Veiled played @ Johnny Brenda’s on 1/14/12. Totally sold out local bands show with capacity at 170 or something.

Veiled was a two man dj set with dark techno lot of heavy beats. The one dude took the mic for a song and kind of shouted and that part reminded me of how Scorn sounds. I couldn’t help thinking it would’ve been better if there were dub effects, and also probably one person could’ve done the set. They had lace on their electronics table, wore leather, and it sounded like every song was me fighting the boss in mario and losing.

Blues Control set up with a lot of equipment for two people. The nice features tonight were the guitar and the keyboards, which sounded a lot more experimental. I could hear them better maybe but there were progressions on some songs and then just nice atmosphere on others. A few had more upbeat rhythms that had people moving. Their songs can be on the longer side and I usually get mesmorized by the loops or an aspect of the melody. My friend told me they played four new songs too.

Pissed Jeans ended the night. Their sound was solid the whole set. None of my favorite songs were played but I didn’t notice because the set was so engaging. The stage at Johnny Brenda’s really places the focus on the musicians and I could see the band great and they sounded clear as hell as they tore through their songs, they did some from Shallow, Hope for Men & King of Jeans: I’ve Still Got You (Ice Cream), Little Sorrell, She Is Science Fiction, Fantasy World, False Jesii Part 2. After they had a 2 song encore. Also they played a new one which was longer and had a slower tempo. Everyone sounded good, fast drums, guitar, bass. The frontman is absolutely great with stage banter, a shit ton of energy, he climbed up on a pole supporting the balcony and just sang there for awhile then was grinding against it. The crowd was wild too with a sort of pit and beer all over the floor. Everyone was sweating, exhausted, and drunk at the end so they achieved their goal of giving us a real good time for our $.


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