Human Adult Band @ The Marvelous


Human Adult Band, Dick Neff, Suicide Magnets, and Mike Bruno & Th’ Black Magik Family Band played @ The Marvelous at 9pm on 1/13/12. This was a record release show for Adult Band with all local bands and paying patrons got some chili and corn muffins too.

Mike Bruno & Th’ Black Magik Family Band created a dark and eerie folksy atmosphere, reminding me more of merlin the magicians time than 2012 in philly. They had about 7 people on stage and a bunch of non traditional instruments. One was an electronic circular wire piece held and played with a violin bow. Another was what looked like a hubcap occasionally banged and a washboard. Despite these there was mostly ‘modern’ instruments. Vocals were shared and drums were kind of jazzy and light.

Suicide Magnets started off with a solo set, with a guitar and vocals. Vocals were indeciperable and abrasive due to effect on the mic. By the second song I enjoyed the sound. The drums later joined in to round out the music but the focus was still mainly on the guitarist. Very raw lo fi sounding. They play around enough so I was excited I finally got to see what was going on with Suicide Magnets.

Dick Neff  had a lot of triplets and ferocious incessant drumming. Actually there was only drumming and then added on were wild electronics at a table next to drums. These two devices created a set with repetitive ‘riff’s; thought they could’ve used a vocal addition or random scream because the music had a lot of buildup and release and the pounding distorted sounds were a lot to take.

Human Adult Band  is a 4 member band. They have such a huge bass sound! very low and heavy but with a good tempo. There was a swirling doom feel but then really clear sound to instruments so I could hear how good the guitarist was and the different intricacies in melody. Some wah, lots of dense noise and distortion. Vocals were loaded and unselfconscious. New record is aptly titled Hearing Damage Sessions.


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