Dirt Weed Revue @ The Level Room

Dirt Weed Revue, Pinelands, and White Girls played @ The Level Room on 1/6/12 at 9pm.

This was an art opening for a first friday night at a cave like bar space called The Level Room on Market. The artist grimgrimgrim had his useless scumbag show prints up on the walls which had bright colors and distorted images, some band posters. Prob about 20-30 people out.

Pinelands is a one man band. This guy had a guitar with an awesome garage rock sound, and at the same time played the bass drum and cymbals, and sang. At first I wasn’t sure how that would work cause he had a pretty fast pace but he had his shit down. Vocals were gritty and sometimes shouted sometimes sang. I liked a song about birds and he sang one about a sister too. Occasionally he would make strange bird like sounds and whooping noises into the mic. Reminded me of King Khan kind of with bright eyes vocalizations.

White Girls had 3 people, drummer, bass and guitar. For a few songs the bassist switched with the guitarist and sang, creating a different feel to the band. Bassist had some solid lines. I liked how they didn’t sound like anything I’d heard in awhile. They had a fast rougher punk sound, actually kinda grungey vocals and played really close together, almost on top of each other.

Dirt Weed Revue played tonight with 3 people. 3 people on guitars and a multitude of pedals effects and electronics. The overall effect was a long rumbling low drone with lots of crackling and a cool wah wah sound. Best music to absorb when eyes are closed. Unfortunately I couldn’t hear the vocals well when Dan screamed into the guitar. He was playing with screwdrivers which toward the end were just thrown at the guitar strings. Felt more of a performance art rock show.

I think there was another act, Auctioneer, but I missed it.


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