Birds of Maya @ Little Bar

mg_2505Birds of Maya, Tin Horses, and True Gold played at Little Bar 12/16/11  (local bands)

True Gold had an alright feel to them, I was in the back but they had maybe 5 people, one song was like Modest Mouse in a way. Rhythm guitar sounded great and the vocals varied in pictch/style from song to song. Heard the last 3 songs of their set. They said thank you for participating to the crowd which I thought was hilarious. Phonographic Arts put out a release for them, and booked the show. more here.

Tin Horses are a 4 piece from Texas, Philly. They make modern country music for whisky drinkers. I liked hearing them after the first few songs I got into it. Vocals were pretty good and the lyrical content was interesting. The guitarist of Purling Hiss does  vocals/guitars. Bass got real low at one point. The drums had a choppy style with an old time feel. One person requested Hey Jealousy but they didn’t play it.

Birds of Maya played as a three piece, bass drums and guitar last night. I had earplugs because I was under the speaker and the sound was still perfectly clear, can’t imagine the damage caused to those without they’re so loud. I hadn’t seen them before but had heard the name which I liked.  Birds of Maya had so much energy ! I don’t know how planned their songs are because one was 8min and another was 4 or 12, their set was over too quickly and I think they did 5-6 songs total. Great fast paced drumming throughout, it was like pop punk psychedelic. I don’t know what the hip bluesy vocals said, they showed up only a few times by bassist. Crunchy, distorted, nostalgic jams. The guitar player was jumping around a lot which was fun to watch. I thought their sound was unique and music accessible. Probably one of my favorites shows this year.




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