White Hills @ O’Riellys Pub

White Hills, Pontiak, and Kohutek performed @ O’Riellys Pub on 12/7/11

Kohutek started the night with a real nice multilayered jam. I don’t know how long it was but there were 4-5 transistions in sound during the improvised song. Tonight they had 6 people playing music, Scott sounded fresh on drums, playing with different tempos and making use of bells and a gong too. At one point there were 3 people on the noise creating a dense ambient buzzing and scratching. The guitarist from Gondola was present for the session and his guitar had a clean tone sound.

Pontiak I didn’t know much about Pontiak before seeing them so they were a cool surprise and I’ll be listening to them from now on. It was funny that they are brothers because I thought these bros all look alike its like the beach boys. Pontiak had a great hard hitting space rock sound, good vocal harmonies ( all 3 sang) and songs that varied in intensity. One song almost had a country western feel.

White Hills  then set up and immediately these people changed from normal humans to insane rock and rollers. They had a beautiful girl with platinum blond hair and leather bodysuit on a clear bass, noticing this clear instrument trend lately, who also sang.  I swear I felt like I was going to blast off into the future when they played, the sonic wind was blowing. The guitarist was really good and shredded and jumped around headbanging. White Hills are all about rhythm and they have an impressive drummer. He created tension with the audience. White Hills played Hp-1 which was the reason I came out. They also played paradise which is a cool 12 min song.

I’m a big White Hills fan (see), so was looking forward to this show for awhile…and I wasn’t disappointed. The visuals by Eye Gate really added to the experience too. They had set up 3 screens and projectors with film showing deep sea divers, science stuff, and liquid dye being manipulated into amoebas and other organic looking images. The bands played up in front sometimes creating shadows too. At O’Riellys there is no stage so the space is intimate with the audience, prob about 50 people showed good considering the rainy December weather.


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