Birds of Maya @ Little Bar

Birds of Maya, Tin Horses, and True Gold played at Little Bar 12/16/11 ¬†(local bands) True Gold had an alright feel to them, I was in the back but they had maybe 5 people, one song was like Modest Mouse in a way. Rhythm guitar sounded great and the vocals varied in pictch/style from song […]

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White Hills @ O’Riellys Pub

White Hills, Pontiak, and Kohutek performed @ O’Riellys Pub on 12/7/11 Kohutek¬†started the night with a real nice multilayered jam. I don’t know how long it was but there were 4-5 transistions in sound during the improvised song. Tonight they had 6 people playing music, Scott sounded fresh on drums, playing with different tempos and […]

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