ACID EATER is a 4 piece scuzzed out acid punk band from Japan. Noise producer Masonna, aka Yamazaki “Maso” Takushi, is the vocalist of the group. When I first heard acid eater (sometimes capitalized, sometimes not) I felt like my brain had been lifted slightly out of it’s skull. or like i had botox. or eaten acid. it rushed into my head with a furious intensity. Masonna’s vocals are really weird indecipherable but compelling. Acid Eater creates an atmosphere so gritty low and scornful you can’t help but respect how punk they are. Their songs are pretty fast too. Their albums have semi dressed girls on the front, someone in the band also owns a 60/70s vintage store. They’re heavy on the keyboard, which at times sounds like the organ in a scooby doo haunted house, they got the guitars so fuzzed out and the drummer is described as “performing drumming duties” in their bio. I prefer Black Fuzz on Wheels from 2010 over their earlier Virulent Fuzz Punk A.C.I.D. Black Fuzz gives me a physical reaction deep in my stomach, the first half of the album is way stronger than the other half though. this music is probably clearing my chakras it’s so damn powerful. Their songs are dirty and raw and you won’t forget them. Virulent Fuzz is a little tamer, but LSD is a great belligerent song, and they cover question of temperature, from The Lords of The New Church, a 80’s goth punk band, who covered it from The Balloon Farm, a 60’s garage band, the poppy song gets converted into a crushing machine destroying all other thoughts I might’ve had..


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