Wooden Shjips @ Kung Fu Necktie

November 12, 2011 § 2 Comments


Wooden Shjips, Birds of Avalon, and Moon Women played @ Kung Fu Necktie 11/11/11 at 9:30.

Moon Women from Philly came on first. They’ve had a bunch of shows this past year but I didn’t see them til tonight. They have 3 members, guitar bass and drums. Their sound was very upbeat, but had darker lyrics and the guy’s vocals were interesting. He had an accent while singing, it was early 80’s english goth.

Birds of Avalon from Raleigh, NC were next. They were a 4 piece group with 2 guitars, bass, drums, and all sharing in on vocals. They had a big southern rock thing going on. I felt I knew all the songs and it was a cover band. They had a female on a clear guitar that I thought was Santigold.

Wooden Shjips  from San Fransicso ended the night. They are a 4 piece with keyboard, guitars, drum. They played For so Long, Motorbike, stuff off West . They had cool t shirts with monsters for sale for their new album. They didn’t really move while playing. It was mesmerizing zone out drone but then repetitive  after awhile. Wooden Shjips to me are very hilarious. It’s fun to hear that one riff fuzzing along for 10 min, and then some light airy vocals come echoing in. Sometimes the guitar solos are good. They had set up some visuals consisting of mostly patterns in varying colors nothing with content.

Kung Fu Necktie sold out I think it was very crowded.


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