The Black Angels @ Union Transfer


The Black Angels, Dead Meadow, and Spindrift played @ Union Transer on 10/27/11.

Spindrift, based in LA, started off the night with their energetic set. Their music is an interesting hybrid of psychedelic rock n roll, old country rhythms and stylings, and native american type chantings/ drumming. They all dressed in country gear. They have a female who was on keys/vocals, three guys on guitars including a double neck guitar/bass, more vocals, and drums. A lot of their songs were mostly instrumental. They have some cool videos and have done some work with feature length films too. I loved them! 

Dead Meadow from DC were next. They’ve been around for awhile but still look real young. They brought their bluesy druggy jams to the max tonight, playing for a full hour. They have a guy  on guitar/vocals, a bassist, and a drummer with a kit that was clear. Also some preprogrammed noises for atmosphere/rhythms. Dead Meadow also had some cool effects like fog and echo on the mic, plus lots of soloing and distortion. Some of their songs stretch to a sludgey 8min, and others are a little more choppy and upbeat at 3-4min.

The Black Angels from Austin, TX ended the night with an awesome set. Last year I saw them at First Unitarian and let me tell you the venue change is a simple but important factor in sound and presentation… they were able to perform how they were meant tonight! The visuals were large scale on a screen behind them on stage, and didn’t disappoint, varying in color, shape, subject matter. Kind of like how their website intro is if you’ve seen that. Anyway The Black Angels played a bunch from their most recent album Phosphene Dream including Telephone, Bad Vibrations, Yellow Elevator #2, and a ton from their album Passover-Sniper At The Gates of Heaven, with a twist on vocals, Bloodhounds On My Trail, Better Off Alone, Black Grease. I really like when all three guys do vocals,which they did on a few songs, Alex’s voice is great, and Stephanie as usual did awesome pounding out the rhythms that drive their sound. They’re a little less drone-y psych on stage now but more energetic, it was a really good show.


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