The Renderers @ Little Bar

dsc0859The Renderers and Sore Eros played @ Little Bar in South Philly 10/21/11.

I was lucky to see this show because I missed them when they came around at the start of their tour.

Sore Eros  from Northhampton, MA went on stage around 11:30. There were some bands before them but I wasn’t interested. Sore Eros invited Maryrose Crook from The Renderers up for a song, and it was a kind of duet, very beautiful. Brian Crook (Renderers) also played guitar/noise for a song or two. Sore Eros has a psychedelic post rock indie sound, even though the sound was great I felt like I was spying on some basement practice session. The drummer was banging away with surprising intensity considering their otherwise low key sound. There were maracas, a melodica, 2 guitars- one with rhythm the other with intricate melodies, and a bassist. They also had a bunch of electronics that I won’t pretend to know. The vocalist has a interesting voice and a good range of sound. Sore Eros has nice lyrical content too, very sweet. Their name is a palindrome.

The Renderers, from New Zealand, were on around 12:15. They did a bunch of songs from A Dream of the Sea, their older albums, then a few from their new album. Maryrose is a striking individual, a powerful musician with a simple style- such a pleasing voice. Her guitar is a beauty, with a really nice tone. Brian sang a few songs too. Renderers were dark and noisy, crunchy, and a little shoegaze-y. They have four people, 2 guitars, bass, drums, and some electronics that contributed to beeps/noise on a few songs. Watching them was incredible, they really draw you in and take you into this otherworld. Not every band can capture you like that, fantastic set and the audience loved ’em. They are on Siltbreeze.


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