Arbouretum @ O’Rielly’s


Suicide Magnets, Dirt Weed Revue, Eternal Tapestry, and Arbouretum played @ O’Rielly’s at 10pm.

O’Rielly’s is an artsy, comfortable bar in Kensington & a cool space to see a show.

Suicide Magnets are a Philly band. Unfortunately I got lost on the way to the bar and missed the set. But I heard one song as I came in and they have a female singer who had a cool effect on the microphone, kinda delayed/echo-y. My friend said they had a song called Fuck you Patrick Swayze.

Dirt Weed Revue came on next. They played for maybe 25 min? Could be longer cause it was one hell of a trippy jam. Tonight they had 2 guitars and 2 drums. Their music is somewhat cerebral, you really have to go with it and see where it takes you. It started off slow, the bass drums didn’t kick in until 10 min, but when they did it was awesome, extreme rhythm going on and everything was in sync. The one guitar was playing progressions and the other was doing noisier stuff, being played with various items(screwdriver made an appearance) and tonight there were several interjections into the sound with shouting type vocals. Loud and intense session!

Arbouretum from Baltimore, MA were next. They had 3 guys tonight, drums, bass, guitar, usually there are 4. I would say the 4th member tonight was the copious amounts of smoke from the fog machine just driftin by. Arbouretum had more traditional song structures and was kind of a throwback, I felt a real classic rock/psych vibe there and the music is accessible. I don’t remember the songs but the one from their upcoming album was awesome. Pretty minimal set up, not too many pedals or effects just intense rock n roll. The guitar was nice, had a wooden overlay and solid warm sound.

Eternal Tapestry  from Portland, OR was last. These guys had 2 guitars, bass, drums, and sax/noise. Not too much vocals going on, more just long jams, of which there were 4. I’ve been listening to them a lot lately so I was excited to see them live and they did not disappoint. They played close together and had a lot of energy. The sax is a great element to their sound and was wailing along, the drumming had a fast, tight structure sort of leading things. They have an impressive flow to their songs and sound fantastic live, their records I’ve heard are a little more mellow but they tore it up! This was their last gig before they’re going on tour to Europe. Eternal Taspestry and Arbouretum are both on Thrill Jockey records and are modern psych bands to keep an eye (or ear)on.


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