They Might Be Giants @ TLA


They Might Be Giants and Jonathan Coulton played a sold out show @ Theatre of Living Arts 9/30/11.

Jonathan Coulton , from Brooklyn, came on stage around 8:45. His music is mainly geeky folk rock. Jonathan Coulton, aka JoCo,  plays guitar and sings, he also has a bassist and a drummer. He played a bunch of songs from his new album Artificial Heart, which was produced by John Flansburgh. Songs titles/ subject matter included glasses, being socially awkward, taking medication to feel fantastic, and stickin it to yourself. One song was in french and that was Je Suis Rick Springfield. Not being a previous fan of his music, let’s just say the show didn’t convert me, but there were plenty of others in the audience getting into the music, especially  his big hit, the song Still Alive from the game Portal.

They Might Be Giants  started their set a little after 10. On stage there was John Linnell & John Flansburgh, and then Dan Miller on guitar/vocals, Danny Weinkauf on bass, and Marty Beller on drums. Other instruments included bass clarinet, accordion, and keyboard/synth. They started off the night with Philadelphia, from Venue Songs, because it’s about the TLA. They played songs from most of their albums but their most recent, Join Us, which came out in July, was the main focus. Fingertips, Can’t Keep Johnny Down, Ana Ng and XTC vs. Adam Ant were my favorites of the night. TMBG have a ton of energy on stage and really involve the crowd in the performance. Celebration and Clap Your Hands had everyone dancing clapping and stomping their feet, Ape Club had the crowd chanting ‘people’ or ‘ape’ depending on which side of the stage you were on. The visual effects were also entertaining, there was a screen set up on stage with video clips playing random footage, a mini puppet show, and then the standard disco ball/ multi colored lights. For a meta effect the audience was filmed and the footage was up on the screen. TMBG are great musicians and never fail to put on an exciting show.


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