Mikrokolektyw @ The Rotunda


Mikrokolektyw played @ The Rotunda 9/27/11 at 8pm.

Mikrokolektyw is a duo from Poland consisting of a trumpeter and a drummer. Their set lasted 1.5hrs and there was a full house. Ars Nova Workshops put on this free avant garde jazz event. The songs would generally begin with a laptop that had preprogrammed sounds on a loop, with beeps and electronic noises then the drummer would start up and the trumpet would join in at various points. The musicians were wonderful to watch. The drummer had a unique style while playing, depending on the kind of rhythms he was creating his posture would be stilted and jerky or smooth and fluid, he had amazing bodily control. This was best demonstrated on songs where he’d be playing a series of notes on a xylophone positioned next to the (extensive) drum kit, he would then move into a beat with the cymbals or bass drum, then with his other hand play the snare or other drum…all at the same time! The trumpeter was in charge of the laptop noises. His playing style was also pleasing and had long held notes and a deep sound. A type of moog was hooked up to the drums and that sound was manipulated by the drummer with his hands reminding me at first of a theremin. I don’t know exactly how that worked but it sounded great. The harmonies created by the duo were intense; there were often off time beats, the cacophony also had the unexpected addition of the electronics. The collaboration between the two was complex, occasionally frantic, but more often just  pure jazz with impressive experimental features. The audience stood up to clap at the end and was treated with an encore.


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