Alice Donut @ Invincible Pictures


Alice Donut performed @ Invincible Pictures 9/24/11 as part of the Philadelphia Film & Music Festival

The show began around 10:30 with the screening of the documentary Freaks in Love, which traces the bands 25 year+ history and at 100 min was an in depth exploration of Alice Donut’s different career stages. It was pretty good at placing the band in context, every 15 min or so there was a mini timeline ‘commercial break’ where major world events and rock news were listed, from the 80’s to now. It also explained member arrivals and departures, the band name, how Chet got involved, the art of the albums, and the whole where are they now shtick. Jello Biafra spoke a lot because they are friends/on Alternative Tentacles, and so did a bunch of other rock scene dudes, but mainly the movie gave the band a voice to their utterly bizarre punk rock sound. I would’ve liked to have seen more live footage but whatever cause the band itself played right after.

Alice Donut from NYC, went on stage at around midnight. I felt like I was in a timewarp hearing the music and even the audience looked like they were straight outta 1992. Invincible Pictures is a movie studio so the film and the band played in this huge room with high ceilings and white walls, and had movie set lighting going on, it was somewhat like being in a warehouse but was clean and the rest of the building was kinda swanky. I’m pretty sure every seat was packed. Anyway Alice Donut did not disappoint. To me they are more of a alt.noise punk band than the indie label I heard thrown around. Number one they rock too hard to be indie, number two their lyrical content is off the wall, just totally random, sometimes repulsive stuff, I mean these are not typical pop songs although they were on the radio back in the day. The vocals are snide and instrumentation fierce, great rhythm, and the trombone came out too. And the performance piece, these guys are artists; the music is good & they’ve lasted this long because you can tell they enjoy what they’re doing. The nonconformist attitude Alice Donut has is fucking awesome. Their setlist was at least 15 songs, spanning all the albums with a 3 song encore and people went crazy! Dancing, shouting, singing along, and taking pictures of Chet prancing around with his pants down, full frontal while they were playing, (he fell asleep on stage after a bit.) Badass show and I think after was another band but I had to go.


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