Purling Hiss @ ICA

mg_8546Purling Hiss performed @ the ICA 9/21/11.

Purling Hiss  are a 3 piece band from Philly with a guitarist who does vocals, a bassist, and a drummer. They began their set around 8 and played for a solid hour at the top of the stairs at the museum. The event was free to the public and the crowd was a decent size. With the amount of sound generated it seemed like there were more than 3 musicians, they had so much energy tonight and every riff and bassline was clear. Purling Hiss played a few songs off of Public Service Announcement, which is a great garagey noise (kinda pop) album with psychedelic elements. I’ve been listening to it lately but seeing them live really does their music justice. They’ve got some other releases too but not as cohesive, sometimes their music goes out into the void which is also enjoyable. There were some monster solos tonight and overall I want to emphasize how exciting the sound was, because I saw them a few months ago and it was nothing like this! Sometimes they remind me of High Rise, MC5 kind of music. They play a bunch around Philly, so go out and see them, and are up for a mini European tour this fall which is awesome.


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