Savage Republic @ M Room

Savage Republic, Tone, Caspian and Cloud Minder performed @ M Room 9/17/11

With the exception of the vocals of Savage Republic, this was a night of instrumental rock of varying styles.

Cloud Minder began at 9 pm. They  are a 4 member group based in Philly with two guitars, a bass, and drums. They have a release on Anthropic Records. Their music had intricate melodies and pleasing songs that started out soft and built up to a controlled frenzy, reminding me at times of space rock,or  post rock, blending genres or just ignoring them. Their lead guitarist was such a relaxed player, floating up and down the neck with skill.

Caspian  from Beverly/Boston MA were up next. They are experimental post- rock /metal group with 5 members- 3 guitar players, bass, and drummer. They also had a xylophone accompanying one song and an impressive amount of pedals and effects. In fact, the noise and distortion created from their playing was overwhelming, especially as their songs are on the longer side with ‘breakdowns’ in the middle that would slam into you. The M Room is narrow, and the sound bouncing off the walls almost overtook their progressions. When I stepped outside briefly I was able to hear them clearly, probably more how they’d sound on a record. Caspian had a lot of energy on stage, all the guys were rocking out and the crowd loved them. Their drummer plays without a tom and is fantastic.

Tone, from DC, had 4 members up, 2 guitars, a bass, and drums. Apparently the previous night in DC they had 8 members on stage! This band was aggressive post punk and had a semi industrial sound; but with some beautiful melodic harmonies, very low freq. at times. There were no vocals, if there were if might have sounded like a hardcore/metal band. At the same time, if there were no drums, it might have been a mellow instrumental band. Their last song was completely crunchy and powerful. They are well seasoned in what they play and have a new album coming out.

Savage Republic from LA ended the night with A BANG. So right away they jumped into playing. I’m posting a video so you can see how intense they look on stage- just the facial expressions alone were interesting to watch. This band is about rhythm- there were drums, maracas, an empty oil can used as a drum- which created a steel drum sound (except think of it as intense slams of steel drum, not the traditional way). The 4 members exchanged instruments, shared vocals, and didn’t give a fuck. They were active in the 80’s and have been playing out a bunch since 2001, mostly on the west coast. A frenetic industrial sound with vocals like a man possessed, doomsday, the total effect of their sound was awesome.I felt the walls and the whole place was vibrating- was told the amp was turned to 1. And they played in the crowd and just moved all over. They did Siam, 1938, more songs off 1938, and some of their older material. Their last song they had 2 guys playing the oil drum at once along with the drummer, going on for about 7 min. I never thought I’d see them live so that was a real treat.

Each band played for an hour at least, and it felt as if I saw 4 headlining acts.


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