Shellac @ Union Transfer

Shellac and Helen Money performed @ Union Transfer 9/30/11. Helen Money began the night around 8:30. On stage Helen Money, aka Allison, played a cello that is almost bigger than her. There was also some electronic equipment that she used to create distortion effects and various rhythms- on her own or using the drum machine. […]

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Mikrokolektyw @ The Rotunda

Mikrokolektyw played @ The Rotunda 9/27/11 at 8pm. Mikrokolektyw is a duo from Poland consisting of a trumpeter and a drummer. Their set lasted 1.5hrs and there was a full house. Ars Nova Workshops put on this free avant garde jazz event. The songs would generally begin with a laptop that had preprogrammed sounds on a loop, […]

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Alice Donut @ Invincible Pictures

Alice Donut performed @ Invincible Pictures 9/24/11 as part of the Philadelphia Film & Music Festival The show began around 10:30 with the screening of the documentary Freaks in Love, which traces the bands 25 year+ history and at 100 min was an in depth exploration of Alice Donut’s different career stages. It was pretty […]

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Purling Hiss @ ICA

Purling Hiss performed @ the ICA 9/21/11. Purling Hiss  are a 3 piece band from Philly with a guitarist who does vocals, a bassist, and a drummer. They began their set around 8 and played for a solid hour at the top of the stairs at the museum. The event was free to the public and […]

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Savage Republic @ M Room

Savage Republic, Tone, Caspian and Cloud Minder performed @ M Room 9/17/11 With the exception of the vocals of Savage Republic, this was a night of instrumental rock of varying styles. Cloud Minder began at 9 pm. They  are a 4 member group based in Philly with two guitars, a bass, and drums. They have […]

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