Jeff the Brotherhood @ The Bookspace


Jeff the Brotherhood, Dry Feet, @ The Bookspace 9/24/11

Everything about this show confused me. I want to tell you about it. I was excited to hear Jeff was coming back to town. this time i had extra knowledge about them, like that they were brothers. but they don’t look alike. I kept reading different things on the internet about where and when the show would be, i figured it out but then i couldn’t find the venue. i  was walking around that one block radius off the girad el for a stupid amount of time, asking directions 3x before i found it (also had been there before) and was completely sober. 

So anyway don’t remember what the first band was, missed it. Heard people outside going mad for them though.

then i saw Dry Feet, and they are surf punk, sorta greasy garage and also just rockin. From Philadelphia beach they said. They have a bass player and a guitar and drums. some vocals too by guitar player. it could have been louder. people were moving around to it and then there was a mini pit for a second. they had a song called hard working woman which i liked. and seems like new music out since last time i saw them.

the bookspace is a warehouse space some art hanging around and books crammed on shelves and tables everywhere. bigger turnout than i expected but weird vibe in the crowd.

jeff the brotherhood played on a stage. the guitar has the monogram JTB in the neck and is clear, that’s new. people were singing along and dancing up front but a lot of people were calmly watching. the kick pedal broke during the set but luckily they used Dry Feets’. Noo Sixties is a great song and they played it, played U got the look, Heavy Days, Diamond Way, bunch of others.

These guys are on tour together so see them.

*comment if you know the other band or i’ll look it up and add later


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