Six Organs of Admittance @ Johnny Brenda’s

Six Organs of Admittance, Donovan Quinn, and Curanderos played @ Johnny Brenda’s 8/15/11 at 9pm.

Curanderos were on first. This band features members of Bardo Pond; Michael & John on guitars, Jason on drums for tonight, as well the 2 Scotts from Kohoutek on drums and electronics. Their set was extreme to say the least. I found myself overwhelmed, and engaging in several contradictory emotional states… later I learned that the name of the band is an invocation to the medicine man with his healing techniques. This kind of improvised droning, psychedelic rock music can be very powerful! Just a massive set- two drum kits- two great guitars and the delicate balance of the electronics- starting off slow then letting it grow louder and louder til you couldn’t hear the noise in your own head anymore. I believe someone described as a vacuum of sound- and I totally agree there.

Donovan Quinn is from CA and also in Skygreen Le0pords. played a beautiful 12 string guitar. His was a solo acoustic folk music set. The poetry and lyrics were nice to hear but there was a certain lack of emotion behind what was going on and I don’t mean in a Jandek way- he seemed distracted almost. He was joined by Ben Chasny of Six Organs of Admittance too.

Six Organs of Admittance, on Drag City Records, came on last. By this time there was a nice sized crowd. He was dressed in all black, nothing extra here just a spotlight, and a man with a 6 string electro acoustic guitar. The set was very pleasing and featured mostly fingerstyle playing in a classical sense. His fingers moved so smoothly over the strings, looked like they barely touched them even. Just very smooth, relaxed playing. Although his body did not look as relaxed as he sang. The songs he sang were nostalgic almost, his voice is lower and I was reminded of a gothic country sound- but not as dark.


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