Kohoutek, Gondola, Circuit des Yeux, Names Divine, Palindrone @ The Mansion

Kohoutek, Gondola, Circuit des Yeux, Names Divine, Palindrone played @ The Mansion 8/13/11

Palindrone was playing as i first came in . heard about three songs and they have a great drummer. don’t recall much else but i knew it was goin to be a great psych music night.

Names Divine from Chicago were described by my friend as being kind of hillbilly the dead c let’s see they had a girl playing guitar with a really low and strong voice that sounded like rough gospel singing, a guy on the electric violin sang too while they played they all hunched over- two people were sitting in the back on top of the couch with a clairnet and trumpet and the one guy would do some vocals too. it was way intense bluesy, sometimes dark music with an older feel to it.

Circuit des Yeux is a trio from Indiana with a female on vocals. her style was different. Their guitar player had great stage presence too it was interesting watching them play. Didn’t know what to expect from them but it was  fast rock n roll with like pretty hot vocals. Real cool people.

Gondola was fierce as fuck. their music can get complicated. the drumkit moved on the rug across the floor from the intensity  i shouldve asked about records, cd or whatever I’d like to hear them again.

Kohoutek were on last. they had someone on electronics making noise, then drums and various other percussion like beads and reminded me of stomp the musical in an awesome way. then a guy with a guitar, or bass ? who rounded out the sound. their set was one long free jazz improv with lots of psych leanings and a bunch of noise. varied in intensity. strong music that filled up the room and the night ended on a nice note.

bit short review but i was really just enjoying the music too much to focus on details. it seemed like each band got alloted a decent amount of time to play which was nice. great show put together by Alabaster Tongue.


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