Columboid, Mattress, L.U.N.A.R. Revolt, Dirt Weed Revue @ Marvelous Records

Columboid, Mattress, L.U.N.A.R. Revolt, and Dirt Weed Revue played @ Marvelous Records 7/29/11 at 9pm


Dirt Weed Revue, a Philly based band, came on first. They played tonight as a three piece with 2 guitars, many effects pedals, a 4 string electric cigar box guitar, and a korg keyboard. Their set was approx 20 min long. Dirt Weed Revue makes improvisational type psychedelic noise & space rock w no vocals. There was also a very strong drone tendancy as well. The cigar box guitar was interesting to me, and sounded more like a sitar, and was very prominent among the crunchy guitars- one of which was being played with screwdrivers. It was wonderful to hear the development of sound as they played, and as it was 20 min different layers were allowed to develop and kind of sit for awhile. I am listening to their cd now, made up from a similar session, and it’s really good. Def. see them when they play around, and pick up their material too! Very thoughtful music. Bands the members are also in include Empty Shapes and Caterpillars.

L.U.N.A.R. Revolt was after, they are a three piece- bass, keyboard, and drums, also from Philly. Their music came on strong, it was almost like metal at points. The guitar was real metal sounding- and the drums were heavy, the drummer did main vocals with the keyboardist as backup. The guy on keyboard also played I want to say bass too. What was cool about their songs was that sometimes the drummer and guitarist would be doing completely different things, the timing or something with a delay effect, so you end up trying to figure out what both instruments are doing- or maybe why are they doing that? I’m only trying to describe this because I haven’t a reference point for them which is pretty awesome. I feel like listening to them on a recording would be a great experience too.

Mattress was up next. This was a guy from Portland with a red sequined shirt and a mic, a boombox for tape effects, a drum machine. Watching Mattress was like watching an odd lounge act, stumbling into a disco, with wiring on the fritz at the club. But then also noisy- eerie- He would croon into the mic and dance seductively around the place with eyes shut, while pulsing beats and spastic noises crept out of his electronics. One of his songs begged you to return him, with the receipt.

Columboid wrapped things up. I looked it up and it’s not a real word, I thought it might be like trapezoid’s cousin or something. They are a three piece from NYC. They have a bassist, a drummer, and a vocalist who also played guitar, keyboard, and an electronic sax, I am not sure what kind, it was on the small side but had a very distinct sound. The drummer would also pitch in w vocals, which were incoherent and sounded mostly tribal, although I don’t know how he had the breath because he was playing like I’ve rarely seen. Very very fast and concise. Smart music. When the bassist warmed up a bit it was nice. The vocalist played guitar for all but 3 songs, then 1 w keyboard and 2 w sax. A very talented group. I had the vibe that I was watching jazz but of a totally different sort, it was very rhythm centered material, but dark occasionally, like it would get super low frequency.

Mattress and Columboid are touring now- so go see them if you can.  This was a well put together show, I would say progressive- these are bands that aren’t looking up to anyone for a particular sound, and for a rainy Thursday night it was nice to see people out at Marvelous Records, which is an intimate space and has nicely controlled sound management. The staff is friendly there too.


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