Nobunny @ Kung Fu Necktie

nobunny3Nobunny, TV Ghost, Joe Jack Talcum, and The Pussy Dogs played @ Kung Fu Necktie 7/4/11 at 5pm.

The Pussy Dogs played first. I actually missed their set. boy and don’t try and google their name…weird stuff… They had some 7″ and cassettes for sale though.

Joe Jack Talcum of the Dead Milkmen came on next. He had a nice acoustic guitar with cherry red coloring and a harmonica around his neck. His set was really simple, normally I don’t like acoustic punk stuff but he had a good stage presence and his songs were really good. His voice is snotty but not obnoxious. He did Alcohol, and a bunch of Dead Milkmen stuff like Punk Rock Girl and Life is Shit, had the audience singing along too. Dead Milkmen are playing around in Sept. But Joe Jack Talcum has a decent solo thing going so good for him.

TV Ghost  from Indiana came on next. Whoa they blew it up. When they first started I swear I was wondering if they had a drum machine the drumming was so intense. They have such a deep rhythmic sound. Even the vocals are low. On stage was a bass player, with an I Love Drugs button, a drummer, a korg keyboard, and vocalist with silvery glitter guitar. Their vocalist is about 12 feet tall and was rolling all around like a maniac, he was on stage then off then knocking shit over and I thought that’s why dude has a missing front tooth. He stuck the whole mic in his mouth several times. The drummer’s cymbals kept needing adjustment prob because he was banging the shit out the set. They reminded me of Distorted Pony but with different vocals, these ones were almost grungey in a way. Also like Twin Stumps. That kind of low ugly drenched sound. Fantastic noise punk shit, so good.

Nobunny came on last. They have a bassist, drummer, guitarist, and vocalist. Fucking Nobunny came on wearing a small leather jacket and underwear, a bunny mask, and was covered in glitter. When I shook his hand later I too became covered in sparkles. The guitarist had an elvis christ vest, apparently it was his birthday! They were so much fun I was actually laughing a lot at how bizarre it was to watch him dance and spin around. The band was solid and they played all the “hits” like Boneyard, Mess Me Up, I am a Girlfriend, Motorhead With Me, and Hippy Witch. It felt like their set was short but I think that’s because their songs are like 1 min long. EVERYONE was dancing, it was impossible not to. Some people were moshing and crowd surfing, doing the pogo, I felt bad because dude someone was actually slammed to the floor, looked like face down, but oh well. All that aggressive movement in the crowd was awesome though cause you could tell people were really enjoying their set. And singing along that was cool. Great garagey punk sound.  Nobunny is one of my favorite bands and so cute I was really happy I got to see them. And saw a bunch of people buying their records.

This was a damn good show and the artists that played complemented each other well. Great time!


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