Fucked Up @ First Unitarian Church

Fucked Up, JEFF the Brotherhood, and Dry Feet performed @ the First Unitarian Church 6/26/11 around 8pm.

Dry Feet came on first and i had no idea who they were. I walked in when they had 3 songs left to play. They were dressed in a mix of tye die and surf clothing and had a drummer guitarist and  bassist, 3 dudes up there. I think they are somewhat local. There music was upbeat and surfy, some people were hardcore dancing and i thought that was inappropriate. a good song was “I Can’t Sleep at Night”. they had some 7″ shit for sale.

JEFF the Brotherhood came on next. They are a drummer and guitarist, ain’t no white stripes shit here tho. That drummer is boss, heavy on snare and bass, the guitarist also rocks but I’m not sure that’s what makes them so good. Together they put on a great live show. Perhaps I am biased because I really enjoy their recorded music.  They played “Bone Jam” and “Diamond Ways” and “Shredder”, stuff off of Heavy Days and also a few newer songs which were actually longer in length than the normally punkish 2min songs, one song was almost sludgey in it’s sound. The guitarist had shoulder length hair that looked like it was partially dyed w kool aid and a Boston Celtics jersey the drummer reminded me of being on a trampoline he was bouncin so much, he was thinner w blondey hair. They had some weird thing with the lights like sometimes the room would be dark for no reason and then the lights would come back up. The crowd loved them and was rockin out a bunch. I hope they were able to convert some people to their music because it’s awesome and different from a lot of the other shit comin out these days that calls itself punk rock or whatever. They are from Tennessee which I also find really appealing. They tour all the time with various bands, usually as a supporting act so check their website for when you can see them. Apparently they played a show at Glenn Danzig’s house which i find hard to believe but also an obvious thing.

Fucked Up as the headliner came on last. They had 5 members  on stage, vocalist, (female!) bassist, guitar, guitar and drums. Everyone contributed to vocals minus drums. Fucked Up are a hardcore punk band from Toronto. They’ve released a ton of material, have a concept album and everyone in the band has a stage name. I’m not too familiar with their music but I really enjoyed their set. They do a lot of nice things with the vocals so it is quite an atypical hardcore band. The audience loved them, people were moshing, stage diving, piggybacking on the lead vocalist, some dude felt up the vocalist’s tits, pretty weird but also fitting. Lots of people were singing along. Musically they were very professional and you could pick put the progressions, they weren’t sloppy at all which I sometimes find when i see live hardcore. Very dedicated crowd. They played “Generation” and a song with a chorus of “Dying on the inside”, I wish i knew more of their stuff but they did play for awhile and had an encore. One song was dedicated to people being overweight in summer. Fucked Up seemed to really enjoy being in Philly and you know appreciating one’s audience always gets you points. They are critically acclaimed and have even won an award, Matador put some of their stuff out but go to their website to be on top of what’s happening.


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