Bobb Trimble @The Rotunda

Bobb Trimble’s Flying Spiders  @ The Rotunda 6/17/11



There was a projection on the wall above the stage playing a kaleidoscope of images, the swirling color kind but also feet tapping and baby faces, random video clips. 2 guitars, 1 bass, drums and other percussion/vocals. deep heavy psych at times but then lighter country type stuff. Bobb Trimble is an older guy now but that doesn’t come across at all when you hear him. some of his songs had a real intense feel and others were almost sweet. they played a lot of stuff off their new record, but also a bunch of stuff from the first couple albums. to me it was totally bizarre because i was expecting a folksy type thing but they rocked out hard. Bobb’s voice is great and there were some nice harmonies with the female vocalist. She has a really melodic voice and is in another band called 28 degrees taurus. the bass player, who had his own cool song, also plays with/is in a bunch of other bands. a dude who sat in front of me stood up to clap after each song and at one point approached the stage to look at the set list beneath Bobb’s feet while he was playing. really awesome music and you could tell people there were fans or at least familiar with his music which is always a nice feel. great psychedelic rock. and this guys album covers are out of control. they are on a mini east coast tour so bring money if you go see them!


There were also 2 other bands that played, Brother JT and Kuschty Rye Ergot


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