Kurt Vile @ The First Unitarian Church

Kurt Vile and Pissed Jeans and Meg Baird played at The First Unitarian Church 6/13/11.

Totally sold out, long long line of people hoping for tickets. because it was the local PA bands and pretty decent line up I’d gotten mine ahead.

First of all it was hot down there. moist. everyone’s smells.

Meg Baird played first. She had a harp and long blonde hair a shirt that said ‘huh?’ Was singing. I couldn’t see her, she was sitting on the stage  i think. People were really into her. it seemed like she played or did whatever for awhile because i had time to go down the street and buy a drink and come back and the lights were on so I didn’t even know if she was really doing stuff or if a cd was playing. It’s like folksy type. She is also in Espers.

Pissed Jeans came on next. Wow so I’ve tried to get into them, but you know something skeeved me out. i think i heard they were like jesus lizard and i don’t like them. but i was really surprised how they fucked shit up. they’re too complicated to be punk, they’re kinda hardcore, they’re….noisepunk. people were crowd surfing the main guy was dancing a ton and with real good rhythm it made his songs almost reinterpreted to me. like mad sassy attitude. he looked normal walking around but on stage he let shit loose. he put on a damn strip show and was soaking in sweat it was pretty hot. couldn’t see too much of the band but they were well controlled. i like their drumming. pissed jeans were real exciting to watch. not that i’m comparing musically to these guys but the frontman’s ‘persona’ reminded me of perhaps early michael gira or shannon selberg. go to their website, browsing around i got a different feel for them aside from previous reviews i’ve read. I’m totally psyched to have a new band to check out and I’m sorry i waited this long to do so!

I don’t really want to write about Kurt Vile except his voice really irritates me. enough that i had to leave. Kurt Vile came on last, and maybe after the intense energy of pissed jeans it was a poor follow up. The Violators, his Philly band, were decent though. The drummer occasionally used maracas to play which was a cool effect. Kurt had the sound men adjust his amp or whatever stuff more than a few times while they were on stage plus he had to tune his guitar and everything was such a process i got bored. The sound of his music is not garage rock. I mean it was an interesting sound but not garage-y. The music felt very rehearsed and it seemed like Kurt’s voice was lagging behind or there was an awkward delay/disconnect with the band’s sound and his singing. i felt like i was listening to some bad country crossover thing. i don’t get the big deal. Sometimes a band is not great live but their music is awesome but even recorded songs don’t do it for me.


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