Teenage Panzerkorps aka Der TPK

i’m pretty into this band but only recently saw this video. totally bizarre but I was pleased because i was hoping it’d be like that. dude’s a fox. i really want to see them live but don’t live on the west coast, where they’re playing a few shows this summer. the descriptions i’ve read of them are lame, with 50 comparisons to kraut rock bands or art school that i don’t even get. it’s just a guy singing/speaking in german and some fuzzed guitar and simple drumming. great great punk rock. My ears get blown out listening to teenage panzerkorps. Their stuff can be downloaded soon from siltbreeze’s website (based out of Philly), they are on some other labels too, i know their records are hard to get/find if you do that. even though i like them i do not think this is a band for everyone.



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