Jooklo Duo @ The Rotunda

Jooklo Duo at The Rotunda 5/19/11.

Jooklo Duo are a sax and drum team from Italy. They play free jazz and are LOUD. I walked in out of the rain and met the two at the door actually. The sax player is female, short, long hair, the drummer is very tall with beard and long hair as well. So I got something of a psychedelic vibe from them, they asked me if I was a jazz maniac and because I am I said yes. The sax playing was solid, she really knew what she was doing and the drummer was making use of literally every part of his drum kit. Very primitive, almost tribal. Stripped down jazz but so full of raw energy, and relentless. Throughout the 45min set there was only one pause, not even, for the audience to squeeze in applause. Most of us just sat there enraptured. Other instruments they used included a flute, penny whistle, bells, and several other ones I couldn’t recognize but reminded me of music class as a kid. At one point they both left the stage and walked around creating a drone like sound that went well with the acoustics of the room. I really enjoyed them and they are defiantly doing a superb job of keeping free jazz contemporary and exciting while still displaying technical adeptness and solid musical forms. Definately check out their records or see them live.


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